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Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Apr 9 18:20:59 EDT 2016

Hi Karen Sandler & Tony Sebro,

As experts on practical governance in the FLOSS space, does SFConservancy
have an opinion on Sugar Labs currently maintaining our legally-required
501(c)(3) bylaws on an open-to-all wiki at https
<https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Governance> regularly changed by
passersby, without even mentioning the word "bylaws" curiously?

Any quick recommendations and best practices we should strive for to
improve our legal/governance stewardship, given your extensive experience?

Finally, thanks in advancefor your help clarifying whether Devin Ulibarri
needs a contract per Bradley Kuhn's careful reply and question below, or if
a $500 invoice suffices?


Adam Holt
Sugar Labs Oversight Board Liaison to SFConservancy.org

Unsung Heroes of OLPC, interviewed live @http:// <http://unleashkids.org/>
unleashkids.org !
Adam Holt wrote:
>    Sugar Labs Oversight Board has passed 2 motions to retroactively
>    Devin Ulibarri's compensation of $500 for February 1-5 at
>    Constructionism 2016 in Bangkok, and his travel/conf expenses of
>    $1690.39.  If these presumably meet SFConservancy's travel/expenses
>    policies, please arrange this total ($2190.39) to be paid without
>    delay.  Presumably subtracting $787.31 to be paid to Walter Bender who
>    bought Devin's flight, so the check to Devin would be: $1403.08
>    Likewise Walter Bender's own travel/conf expenses ($1389.29) have also
>    been restroactively approved.  Ditto if these presumably meet
>    SFConservancy's travel/expense policies, please arrange for payment
>    without delay.  Presumably adding $787.31 for Devin's flight, so the
>    to Walter would be: $2176.60

We should be able to handle Walter's own expenses quickly, as they have
already been accrued and were only pending your approval, which I see given
above.  I'll send email to <sugar at sfconservancy.org> when that (and any
reimbursement) has been processed.

Devin's travel reimbursement request hasn't been processed yet, including
flight portion that Walter paid for him.  I'll try to do it as quickly as I
can, and we should make our usual NET-30 payment on Devin's expenses, going
by the date which he submitted them.  I may or may not reimburse Walter in
one check or two depending on timing.

For Devin's $500, since that's a stipend payment (so it appears) and not for
travel.  At the very least, make sure Devin sends an invoice for the $500 to
Conservancy, and the NET-30 clock will start from the date which the invoice
is received at <accounting at sfconservancy.org>.  I don't have any such
currently on file.

Also, be advised that I'll be asking Karen and Tony if they feel a formal
contract is needed to process payment for Devin's stipend; that's not a
decision I'd make on my own.  As such, you may find it expedient to
pre-discuss that point with one of them.

>    Separately, as experts on this matter, does SFConservancy have an
>    opinion on Sugar Labs currently maintaining our legally-required
>    501(c)(3) bylaws on an open-to-all wiki at
>    [1]https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Governance regularly
>    by passersby, without even mentioning the word "bylaws" curiously?

I can't on first glance see how this is an accounting/financial question, so
<accounting at sfconservancy.org> is definitely the wrong place to send the
above question.  Sorry to be stuck on procedure, but given the immense
of work Conservancy has for our member projects and the very few staff we
have to handle them, I'd ask that you be sure to route requests properly to
save us time.

The normal place to have this kind of conversation regarding the above would
be to write to <sugar at sfconservancy.org>, possibly cc'ing Conservancy's
General Counsel, Tony Sebro as well, since it embeds a legal question.

Anyway, please discuss with Conservancy's Executive Director, Karen Sandler,
any other inquiries you have about launching governance issues about a
Conservancy project.  While it used to be my job to handle all of that when
was the only Conservancy employee, we fortunately do have two more now, so I
don't always have to do all the jobs. :)  Ideally, someday we'll be able to
afford a bookkeeper and I won't have to do that part, either. :)

Thanks for your understanding.
Bradley M. Kuhn
President & Distinguished Technologist of Software Freedom Conservancy
 |------> & also, de-facto Bookkeeper since we can't afford to hire one.
Pls donate so we can increase staff: https://sfconservancy.org/supporter/
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