[IAEP] Need Help With SoaS! (Including Mac)

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Sun Nov 20 18:38:20 EST 2011

On 11/20/2011 11:06 AM, Caryl Bigenho wrote:
> Hi Folks...
> I finally have a couple of days with access to both PCs and my Mac, so now is the time to try SoaS!  I need to be able to test it on both the Windows machines and the Mac.  After about an hour of reading confusing, conflicting, and convoluted info online, I am now thoroughly just that... confused, conflicted and convoluted!
> This a a cry for help!  First some questions...  and, please, if at all possible I don't want to go into terminal. When I try to show this to educators at SCaLE 10 X in January that will definitely turn them off.
> 1) Is there any possibility of using the same SoaS stick on both a PC and a Mac with Virtual Box running (on the Mac)? Is there any reason to run Virtual Box on a PC to run SoaS?  Would this be a way to get the same usb stick to work on both?
The same Soas stick will NOT boot both a PC and a MAC at this time
The Burned CD will Boot both however. The boot procedures are quite 
1-) PC: hit the boot key to set up USB boot sequence this varies for 
different PC manufacturers Hp it is <esc>; ACER ASPIRE ONE is <f12>
2-) MAC: Hold down the <option> key when hitting the power button and 
hold it until it shows a (Mac Hard drive) and then either a (windows 
disk) or an (EFI USB disk). use the ==> arrow keys to select it and hit 

There is no need to run a Soas stick from VirtualBox. It will run native 
from virualbox if you import the 2 required files into Virtualbox
Download the VirtualBox Appliances for Sugar from
  1-) http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Creation_Kit#v6_Pineapple_2
2-) http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Creation_Kit#v5_Coconut_2

> 2) Some folks have reported being able to get SoaS to run on a Mac with persistent storage. Exactly how, in simple terms did they do this?  Virtual Box I assume? But, maybe I am mistaken.
This is definitely more complicated at the moment.
To get a USB stick to boot on an intel Mac (will not work on a PC)
A 4 GB USB will work well.
Use "yum install livecd-tools" in a fedora 16 installation

look at 

*sudo livecd-iso-to-disk --format --efi --overlay-size-mb 300 --home-size-mb 175 --delete-home --unencrypted-home Fedora-15-x86_64-Live-SoaS.iso /dev/sd(x)*  (x)=device name

(substitute fedora-16-x86_64-live-SoaS.iso for f16 )

> 3) When I set up the Live USB creator parameters, what do you recommend for persistent storage?  I am using a 4 GB stick.
for a Normal Bootable USB of 
  in Linux: Execute, as the root user, in _one_ command with arguments, 
the following:
|./tools_livecd-iso-to-disk.sh --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb *300* 
--home-size-mb *175* --delete-home --unencrypted-home 
*/path/to/source.iso* /dev/sd*?*1|

Also see:
> 4) Is there an easy way to add Activities to the SoaS build? If so, does this need to be done before the stick is created or can they be added later?
start browse (Surf) and click link for Activities from the booted 
persistent stick. Download any activities compatible with 0.94.x sugar.
> I'm sure this will be enough to get me started, but there will undoubtedly be other questions as I go along.
I am sorry to give so many answers. The crux is that it is not easy to 
create a boot able; persistent USB of Soas. A booting, persistent MAC 
USB (EFI) is a new feature and not yet well sorted out. (It works well 
once you burn it)

For your Demonstration I recommend booting from a burned CD 
(non-persistent) or using the VirtualBox Appliances (persistent) I 
listed above.

I would be happy to send you a working SoaS Mac EFI USB and a SoaS 
Normal persistent USB for you demonstration. Please tell me where to 
send them.

You might also look into a commercial source for SoaS USB Drives: (They 
will NOT work on a MAC)
http://www.osdisc.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi/products/usb/fedora  (SoaS is way 
down on the listing)
(possibly you could have some to hand out or sell at your demo)


Tom Gilliard
> Thanks!
> Caryl
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