[IAEP] Need Help With SoaS! (Including Mac)

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 20 14:06:30 EST 2011

Hi Folks...

I finally have a couple of days with access to both PCs and my Mac, so now is the time to try SoaS!  I need to be able to test it on both the Windows machines and the Mac.  After about an hour of reading confusing, conflicting, and convoluted info online, I am now thoroughly just that... confused, conflicted and convoluted!

This a a cry for help!  First some questions...  and, please, if at all possible I don't want to go into terminal. When I try to show this to educators at SCaLE 10 X in January that will definitely turn them off.

1) Is there any possibility of using the same SoaS stick on both a PC and a Mac with Virtual Box running (on the Mac)? Is there any reason to run Virtual Box on a PC to run SoaS?  Would this be a way to get the same usb stick to work on both?

2) Some folks have reported being able to get SoaS to run on a Mac with persistent storage. Exactly how, in simple terms did they do this?  Virtual Box I assume? But, maybe I am mistaken.

3) When I set up the Live USB creator parameters, what do you recommend for persistent storage?  I am using a 4 GB stick.

4) Is there an easy way to add Activities to the SoaS build? If so, does this need to be done before the stick is created or can they be added later?

I'm sure this will be enough to get me started, but there will undoubtedly be other questions as I go along.


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