[IAEP] Etoys, is it difficult or easy?

Tim McNamara paperless at timmcnamara.co.nz
Fri Sep 24 15:59:21 EDT 2010

The analogy doesn't quite fit, as it's possible to do complex things in all
of those tools and it's easy to do simple things in EToys. Each Activity can
be used in this learning model, e.g. training wheels to motorbike.


On 25 September 2010 05:48, Cherry Withers <cwithers at ekindling.org> wrote:

> And Scratch? ... don't remember where I read it,  but it sounded logical to
> me.
> Use progressively difficult tools for progressively difficult tasks.
> To confirm this statement,  I add the phrase: "Visible learning, invisible
> technology".
> Children would first learn TurtleArt.
> When they outgrow it switch to Scratch.
> When all its possibilities are exhausted, continue with eToys.
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