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Chihurumnaya Ibiam ibiamchihurumnaya at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 15:50:21 EDT 2020

Thanks for the update Jui, I think you should release a python2 version of
PyCut with the necessary fixes before releasing a python3 version.

Yes a doc on display resolution related issues will be very helpful, I
agree changing variable names from Spanish  to English will be helpful for
non Spanish speakers.

Thanks for your work so far, I look forward to you releasing the activities
that need to be released.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020, 3:31 PM Jui Pradhan <juipradhan2k at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have weekly meets with my mentor (Ibiam) regarding my weekly progress
> and the issues I'm stuck on. We generally discuss my plan for the next week
> and suggestions or improvements on my current work. Thanks for helping! @Chihurumnaya
> Ibiam <ibiamchihurumnaya at gmail.com>
> My progress on the GSoC project - Maintain and release at least 25 Sugar
> Activities:
>    - Reversi activity: Fixed an issue, almost finished working on the PR.
>    Will be releasing this activity next, once the current changes are approved.
>    - PyCut activity:
>    Done adapting to the display size. Need to figure out a way to use
>    just the pygame API and the imports. PyCut is currently written in python2
>    and needs to be ported, along with updating sugargame to version = 1.3. I
>    was thinking of releasing a python2 version before porting. Any suggestions
>    are welcome.
>    - Stick-hero-activity:
>    Mostly finished working on the changes, needs reviewers and someone to
>    test and confirm merge. There are substantial changes so I plan on
>    releasing the last python2 version before porting (Release last python2
>    version after srevin’s PR is merged and Saumya can continue port to python3)
>    - CowBulls activity:
>    Ported the activity to python3 along with other substantial fixes.
>    Still needs work for fixing two other bugs. I'm not too sure how to proceed
>    to fix them. Activity can be released after my PR is merged. It would be
>    great if community members help test and review changes until now :)
>    - Wordcloud: The last python2 version was released today. Mostly
>    finished working on the PR that includes other fixes. James needs to
>    confirm the merge for the python3 activity to be released. :)
>    - Locosugar:
>    Fixed the display resolution, commit cherry-picked in Saumya’s PR.
>    Once Saumya’s PR is merged, activity can be released.
>    - Paths:
>    Updated, next to be finished working on. The PR involves substantial
>    changes but the collaboration part is yet to be fixed.
> I found many sugar activities which have hard coded coordinates. The fix
> is easy, but understanding the way the coordinates are determined is
> time-consuming. I think it is really important that such activities need to
> be fixed for it to work properly on different screen resolutions. After
> fixing more such activities, I was wondering if writing a sugar-doc to fix
> such display resolution related issues will be helpful.
> Besides, I also came across many activities which are written in Spanish.
> I think changing the variable names to English will be very helpful for
> future maintenance. Do let me know what you think :)
> Any suggestions regarding the activities I should work on are welcome!
> Thanks,
> Regards,
> Jui Pradhan
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