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Jui Pradhan juipradhan2k at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 10:31:41 EDT 2020

I have weekly meets with my mentor (Ibiam) regarding my weekly progress and
the issues I'm stuck on. We generally discuss my plan for the next week and
suggestions or improvements on my current work. Thanks for helping!
Ibiam <ibiamchihurumnaya at gmail.com>

My progress on the GSoC project - Maintain and release at least 25 Sugar

   - Reversi activity: Fixed an issue, almost finished working on the PR.
   Will be releasing this activity next, once the current changes are approved.
   - PyCut activity:
   Done adapting to the display size. Need to figure out a way to use just
   the pygame API and the imports. PyCut is currently written in python2 and
   needs to be ported, along with updating sugargame to version = 1.3. I was
   thinking of releasing a python2 version before porting. Any suggestions are
   - Stick-hero-activity:
   Mostly finished working on the changes, needs reviewers and someone to
   test and confirm merge. There are substantial changes so I plan on
   releasing the last python2 version before porting (Release last python2
   version after srevin’s PR is merged and Saumya can continue port to python3)
   - CowBulls activity:
   Ported the activity to python3 along with other substantial fixes. Still
   needs work for fixing two other bugs. I'm not too sure how to proceed to
   fix them. Activity can be released after my PR is merged. It would be great
   if community members help test and review changes until now :)
   - Wordcloud: The last python2 version was released today. Mostly
   finished working on the PR that includes other fixes. James needs to
   confirm the merge for the python3 activity to be released. :)
   - Locosugar:
   Fixed the display resolution, commit cherry-picked in Saumya’s PR. Once
   Saumya’s PR is merged, activity can be released.
   - Paths:
   Updated, next to be finished working on. The PR involves substantial
   changes but the collaboration part is yet to be fixed.

I found many sugar activities which have hard coded coordinates. The fix is
easy, but understanding the way the coordinates are determined is
time-consuming. I think it is really important that such activities need to
be fixed for it to work properly on different screen resolutions. After
fixing more such activities, I was wondering if writing a sugar-doc to fix
such display resolution related issues will be helpful.
Besides, I also came across many activities which are written in Spanish. I
think changing the variable names to English will be very helpful for
future maintenance. Do let me know what you think :)

Any suggestions regarding the activities I should work on are welcome!

Jui Pradhan
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