[Sugar-devel] About web activities, webkit2 and backward compatibility

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Tue May 21 14:31:47 EDT 2013

Question for the sugar-web-activities framework developers:

* With the actual implementation, do we _really_ need webkit2?

You can say, why? We already decided that!

I know, but thinking in the following months:

* If we continue going with webkit2, the only way to develop web
activities, will be sugar-build. No real users can use that activities in a
xo with sugar for at least 6 months more.

* This means, there are little incentive for developers to create
activities without users, or like in the case of Lionel, port custom (and
working) web activities to the new framework.

* If we use webkit, we can modify the way sugar-0.100 identify a web
activity in the activity.info file, to make it backward compatible, and
include the needed classes in the .xo, to use them if is executed in a old

* We _need_ activities using the framework to make sure all is working ok,
and check if we have all the needed pieces.

I repeat, I know this was decided, but I think these are good enough

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