[sugar] Monday Ship Mtg update message

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki
Thu Oct 25 14:28:51 EDT 2007

  Hi, Kim,

  I waited until somebody else asks this, but seems that I need to

  How serious is the next deadline?

  While Etoys did create a new branch after Trial-3 deadline and
development is going into the branch, not all our team members are
comfortable with the tools enough to follow the joyride hourly builds
and test our latest stuff on the actual B4 (and some of our new stuff
is not in joyride yet for some reason).  And for many developers with
B4s, they probably install new build now and then, or stick to the
"stable" builds and try other people's stuff now and then.  And as I
gather, there are reallly big changes underway.

  Now, even if the shipment of Trial-3 happens (it has not happened
yet, right?) before the next code freeze date, the new code in the
branch (not just Etoys' but everything else has similar issues I
suppose) will not be tested well by many people, even ourselves, on
B4.  In this circumstance, how should we proceed?  Should we proceed
to push the changes to branch?  Or is it a bad idea and it should be


-- Yoshiki

At Mon, 22 Oct 2007 10:43:46 -0400,
Kim Quirk wrote:
> Schedules:
> This is the last week of changes to the FRS, or Frist Deployment, code base.
> There are 70+ blocking bugs and over 230 high priority bugs. These should be the highest priority for most people who
> are helping out in both development and test. After this week, we will hand pick the bug fixes that will go into the
> build; and start shutting down the code churn.
> Please look through your bug list, including any other components that might be related to your bug list (sometimes they
> get put under the wrong component); and figure out what you believe to be the First Deployment show stoppers. Look at
> bugs that are assigned to the FRS milestone as well as those that have not been assigned or those that are untriaged.
> This is the code that our first deployment children in Uruguay will experience as well as those who are donating to the
> G1G1 program -- so we'd like to present the best user experience as possible.
> Meetings this week (please send me email if you need a call in number and don't have it):
> Monday 1pm EDT: Test meeting - where are we on the test sprint objectives; highest priority testing for this week
> Tuesday 12:00 (noon, EDT): Journal/datastore update, saving to the school server
> Tuesday 12:30 EDT: Tubes, presence, new mesh protocol, jabber servers
> Wednesday 11:30 EDT: Sugar UI (This might not be the correct time...Christian or Eben will send out time)
> Wednesday 4:00 pm EDT: Security update (NOTE the change of day)
> We may need a meeting on connectivity issues (to continue from where we left off with Marvell and Cozybits last week)
> We may need a meeting dedicated to school server integration
> We are coming down to the last few weeks. Thanks for everyone's focus and dedication to these difficult details.
> - Kim

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