[sugar] Xnee as a tutorial/demonstration tool

Jean Piché jean
Tue Jun 26 08:01:52 EDT 2007

We want to check how people feel about X event recording on the XO.  
We have installed the Xnee system (http://www.gnu.org/software/xnee/)  
on the machine and it is capable of recording and playing back any  
combination of user actions (pointing, typing, clicking, etc.).

We plan to use Xnee to make a number of short recordings that take  
over the machine and demonstrate how TamTam can be used. One  
advantage is that playback of the actions shows the program itself  
working. Another is a very small footprint for demos compared to,  
say, html docs or flash presentations. libXnee is typically less than  
400k and installs without too much pain.

Before we get too heavily involved in developping these demos, are  
there issues we should be aware of ? Security? Can we count on the  
Xnee ressources being part of the standard system services ?

Thanks for any feedback.

Jean (ethrop) Pich?

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