[sugar] EToys needs to be maintained within Fedora

John J5 Palmieri johnp
Mon Jun 25 18:50:36 EDT 2007

Just a reminder that we have Feature freeze tomorrow and EToys is not
yet packaged in Fedora.  We are not longer pulling from random yum repos
and will only accept RPMS that come from the OLPC fedora repository.  In
EToys' case this means the squeak-vm and etoys rpms need to pass the
Fedora packaging guidelines and in particular the etoys rpm should be
split into an rpm and activity.

Whoever will be maintaining the etoys packages should look at

I will be available to step them through the process and can sponsor
them.  Multiple people can co-own a package so feel free to have a
couple of people go through the process.

John (J5) Palmieri <johnp at redhat.com>

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