[Systems] wiki LocalSettings.php gremlins

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Thu Apr 21 14:58:46 EDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-04-21 at 13:15 -0400, Frederick Grose wrote:

> Ah, thanks for confessing!  Dating the edit notes is an easy record.
> Perhaps we should also forward a git diff on file changes to systems@
> to help track our efforts.

The LocalSettings.php file is already versioned with git, but we often
forget to commit it after changes.

We couldn't send diffs of this file by email before, because it contains
the database password. Now I've moved it to SecretSettings.php, readable
only from apache. 
I've not yet enable the email notification... since we commit locally,
the post-receive hook would not work. There's a post-commit hook, but it
does not take any parameters, so I can't use the usual script with it.

Bernie Innocenti
Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team

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