[Systems] Revert wiki changes

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Feb 21 20:19:54 EST 2010

On Sun, 2010-02-21 at 20:10 -0500, Chris Leonard wrote:
> The best way to revert page moves is to do it from the page move log,
> where a revert link for each move is created.  FGrose has taken care
> of this already.
> I've looked at the logs, but unfortunately I am not seeing the sort of
> log entry I am used to seeing on wiki.l.o 

> The entry I'm looking for shows the IP address from which a user logs
> on.  It is there on wiki.l.o but not on wiki.sl.o 

Perhaps Sj knows what's missing in our wiki?

> In any event, I will bet dollars-to donuts that this is from one of a
> series of IP address ranges in the UK.  This is almost certainly the
> same vandal that has made numerous attacks on wiki.l.o .  Several of
> the IP ranges mapped back to Sky Broadband, where a whois provided no
> abuse contact.
> In several instances, the IP range mapped back to one of the UK County
> council authorities, and I initiated a correspondence (with the
> knowledge of OLPC staff) with their sysadmin team.   As is the way of
> these things, the vandal quieted down for a while, only to re-emerge
> later.

Given the amount of annoyance it's causing, I'd be willing to spend the
time and effort required to prosecute this vandal as strictly as we can.

> My recommendation is to initiate the logging of which IP address is
> used to log in on wiki.sl.o.  It must be some MediaWiki option or
> plug-in.  When you have that information, you can identify the ISP
> with whois-by-IP look-up.

Meanwhile, I can retrieve the IPs in the Apache logs, if it can help.

>  At that point, you can either initiate contact with the ISP, or go
> radical and institute a range block on that ISP.  Be warned, this
> particular vandal has come in from at least 4 different Class C
> addresses, so you may have to block a fair number of IP addresses from
> the UK to be effective.

Yeah, this alternative does not seem very feasible.

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