[Systems] [IAEP] ASLO updates

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Oct 16 01:41:22 EDT 2009

El Thu, 15-10-2009 a las 15:44 -0500, David Farning escribió:
> Do you have a plan or time line for how you want to split them up?

I was planning to do it almost one month ago, but due to lack of time I
could only manage to complete setting up treehouse + beamrider for
production last week.

I still have some cleanup work to do, but beamrider is ready to host
services imho. Let's move things slowly, one at a time, starting next

> Other clean ups I would like to start working on are moving:
> 1. *-testing and *-devel to a VM on treehouse to get them off of the
> production machine.

Actually, those two should remain on Sunjammer because it's not going to
be the production machine any more once we move aslo and the other
tier-2 services to beamrider :-)

> 2. developer accounts to a VM on treehouse to get them off of the 
> production machine.

Proper account management is indeed the "cleanup" that was missing on
beamrider. Ideally, we'd want accounts information to live in a single
place where it could be centrally managed. For security, this machine
would not run much else... especially not big web services.

I already know how to set all this up because this is how I've done it
at Develer. I just need to find some time to actually do it. For the
time being, we can provision a few people directly on beamrider.

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