[Systems] [SLOB] Gmail Domain

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Tue Oct 14 13:40:47 EDT 2008

David Farning wrote:
> Yes, that is the situation I was talking about.
> Sorry about the mangled writing.  I have dyslexia so proof reading is very difficult for me.

btw, did you switch to a new MUA?  It rewraps the bodies of quoted 
messages weirdly.

> Bernie, our account at goggle has be upgrade (for free).  Can you
 > see if the education level of service meets your needs.

Seems perfect now.  We can either:

a) route mail through solarsail, and forward non-existing
    accounts to Google

b) route mail through google, and forward non-existing accounts
    to Google

Either way, we have all the flexibility we need and we can forward 
email to personal accounts as we did before.

I'm experimenting with the (b) option right now using the test domain.

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