[Sugar-devel] State of Sugar?

Bastien bzg at bzg.fr
Mon Nov 2 05:25:52 EST 2020

Hi James,

thanks for your answer.

James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> writes:

> I disagree that the focus has shifted or that it should be shifted
> back to what it was.  The state of Sugar Labs, Sugar, Sugarizer, and
> Music Blocks is due to the contributors we have, and they are too few.

Early "contributors" of Sugar were paid by the OLPC fondation.

My guess is that the next wave of contributors was all about changing
the world with audacious educational principles and free software, not
about "developing Sugar".

The next next wave of contributors will not come just for the sake of
a product that looks like legacy.

> No amount of refocusing will have any real effect on that.

I respectfully disagree.

> Sugar Labs will thrive if there are contributors.

I've been on free software mailing lists for a very long time now, and
I can tell confidently: no amount of terseness will ever be useful in
such conversation, it just sounds like you don't want to have it.

It also sounds like saying "If Sugar Labs dies, it won't be OUR fault,
it will be the fault of.. everyone who did NOT contribute!"

I understand the reasoning, but I don't think it's an effective way of
dealing with the lack of contributors.

I think Sugar Labs is still very needed, maybe more than ever, but I
do believe the focus needs a small switch: not a U-turn, just a slight
change, which I'll describe in another email.


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