[Sugar-devel] Community Bonding Period: Scale Degree Design Proposal

Devin Ulibarri devin at ulibarri.website
Sun May 31 14:08:50 EDT 2020

Hi All,
Aviral is doing great work.
Our strategy has been for him to fix more straightforward bugs related
to key/mode while we work together on a design for the less trivial
An average of 4 days a week, he has been getting a 30-60 minute music
theory lesson as well so that he can better identify conceptual errors
as we move ahead. :)
On Sun, 2020-05-31 at 22:10 +0530, Aviral Gangwar wrote:
> Hello all
> This is a good time for an update since the Community Bonding Period
> is at an end.
> During community bonding, I had regular meetings with my mentor
> Devin, Walter, and the rest of the MB team. We made some significant
> process, found some new issues, and subsequently worked on a fix.
> We fixed octave calculation, sharp and flat preferences for Lilypond
> Output, and finally the initial work of my proposal; renaming the old
> scale degree block to nth modal pitch and following changes to its
> functionality. [zero based indexing] 
> This work can be audited in
> PRs: #2275, #2284, and #2286 respectively.
> - Besides this, I've had a few intensive design discussions with
> Devin regarding issue #1957 which has appeared as a bottleneck at
> times.
> - I've also started work on the crux of my proposal: the addition of
> a new scale degree block and implemented some basic functionality.
> In the upcoming week, I've planned on devising a basic solution for
> #1957 which would solve much of the problem and proceed with work on
> scale degree block. [For technicalities of that, one can visit #2058]
> Thanks
> Aviral
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