[Sugar-devel] Progress Update (Port Sugar and core activities to Python3) : 28th May 2020

Saumya Mishra 2017230 at iiitdmj.ac.in
Thu May 28 01:59:05 EDT 2020

Hello All,

The work I have done so far and I am going to do next-

Review the source code of sugar after 0.112 is released, Test every patch
and make changes wherever needed. Change I have made so far is mainly
related to PEP 8 fixes however there are some fixMe comments on various
places I am planning to work next on them as well as in Sugar - text
clipping cannot get removed , the feature shows some errors,
https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/issues/856 working on this. The sugar
has currently 39 issues and 16 pull requests open, Some of the pull
requests have significantly less amount of work required in order to get
them merged. My work will be to review all of them and make changes after
testing my work.

Work on Port of telepathy to TelepathyGLib - I first decided to work on all
the activities , which share common code with Turtle-Art as a rebasing has
to be done first. I found 4 activities related activity-turtle-flags,
AmazonasTortuga, activity-turtle confusion, amazonas-activity . Turtle-Art
has ported to TelepathyGLib before.

Work on infoslicer activity , Port to Python3 and from sgmllib to
html.parser as sgmllib is dropped in python3 and HTMLParser class is
designed as a base class and it extends SGMLParser class defined in module
sgmllib. Port has done , but activity requires testing .

VncLauncher - activity is ported along with required x11vnc distro specific
support. However @James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org>  and I thought about a
slight modification , as users of activity are teachers, and it is not
necessary that they will be familiar with use of IP addresses, Next thing
is to try registering an mdns name on the network and let the VNC client
use that.

I also had a meeting with James on IRC on 25th May 2020.

Thanks for reading , Suggestions are welcomed.

Saumya Mishra
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