[Sugar-devel] GSoC 2020 Community Bonding Period

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed May 27 20:36:42 EDT 2020

By 31st May we are to remove any students who "have not been actively
involved in the community bonding period".

Mentors: assess the student for community bonding, and let me know
whether to keep students or remove them.  An early start to coding
with good progress is sufficient even if bonding hasn't worked yet,
but is not ideal.  Thanks to mentors who have answered already.

Students: if the only person you are talking to at Sugar Labs is your
mentor, then you should talk to more people.  If you are unsure, ask
your mentor how to do this.

Community members and unassigned mentors: get involved.  Listen for
students and answer them.  Look at what the students are doing and
test their work.  Especially do this if you hope to be a mentor next

I've been sending the students a scoreboard for bonding behaviours,
but that has stopped now.  I hope it has been helpful.

James Cameron

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