[Sugar-devel] Response in Re: you needed Assistance

Vipul Gupta vipulgupta2048 at gmail.com
Sun May 13 01:14:59 EDT 2018

Over the problem, you were having - You need all issues of a every
Repository in Sugar Labs. I would need some clarification on the same.

1. How do you need all the issues (Issue description, just titles, on
respect to what, repo to repo or some other criteria?)
2. Why Javascript, I couldn't understand this part. Shouldn't you need the
output in a more accessible format like JSON for instance? You can use the
GitHub API for the same (I strongly recommend PyGitHub)

Vipul Gupta
Mixster <https://mixstersite.wordpress.com/> | Github
Ps - I did read your messages, that day on IRC. I made the draft at night
but forgot to send it until now and yesterday I was busy with my community
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