[Sugar-devel] Request to review GSoC Proposal

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Mar 22 18:10:12 EDT 2018

On Thu, Mar 22, 2018 at 10:26:48PM +0530, Yash Agrawal wrote:
> I have completed the first draft of my GSoC Proposal. Please review
> and give your suggestions. Any suggestion/request for an activity to
> port is also welcomed.

Your work so far on porting activities to GTK+ 3 has been very good,
so I don't expect any significant problems that can't be solved by
asking questions or more coding.

I've reviewed and have some comments;

- where the proposal template asks "please send us URLs", and "some
  other demonstration of your work", you might add your GitHub profile
  URL and some of the pull requests you've worked on recently.  You do
  mention these much later, but it is good to answer the question.

  (because although some of us know what you've been doing, the Google
  Open Source team won't know this until you tell them).

- use terms consistently and correctly, and avoid unnecessary
  abbreviations; e.g. "pull request" instead of "PR", "Sugar" instead
  of "sugar", "Sugar Toolkit" instead of {sugar-toolkit,
  sugar-toolkit-gtk3}, "Ubuntu" instead of "ubuntu", "Fedora" instead
  of "fedora", "GTK+ 2" instead of {GTK2, GTK+ 2.x, Gtk, Gtk+},
  "GStreamer" instead of "GST", and (perhaps) "PyGObject API" instead
  of "PyGI",

  (because the inconsistent use within the document, and against
  external references, makes it harder to read).

- in your list of activities, use the value for name from
  activity.info rather than the GitHub repository name,

  (because this is the name by which the activity is best known to
  other people,)

- the activity Labyrinth has a GTK+ 3 port already, and there are
  several repositories that are not proper clones or forks.  See my
  audit in https://github.com/sugarlabs/laybrinth-activity/issues/1

- you might plan how to encourage testing of your work by Sugar Labs

- you might mention how your work will be affected by or benefit from
  the Port to Python 3 project,

James Cameron

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