[Sugar-devel] ASLO activities with no repository

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon May 22 21:54:17 EDT 2017

Thanks Walter.

Tony, looking at https://github.com/sugarlabs/textdungeon just added,
and compared to each bundle of the same name on

1.  there's no evidence of contact with Tony Forster to locate a

2.  the commits do not have an author of Tony Forster, please use
--author option in git commit,

3.  the commits do not have a date corresponding to release, please
use --date option in git commit,

4.  versions 1 and 2 of the activity were lost from history, please
add them,

5.  version 4 is not in activities.sugarlabs.org, and the git history
does not say where it came from, who made the change, or why,

6.  compiled python files have been added; those .pyc files should be
avoided as they were not in the bundles, are not source code, are not
necessary, and cause difficulty for maintainers,

7.  if the activity is being maintained, the MANIFEST file is
deprecated, and should have been removed,

8.  if the activity is being maintained, the activity should have been
ported to GTK+ 3.

All the above changes can be made without deleting and recreating the
repository; rewrite the history and "git push" with the --force option.


My thoughts on the discussion;

a.  we already have the bundles, and putting them in git adds no
significant value,

b.  bundles may not contain all source code; such as files used to
make the source files or imagery in the bundle,

c.  our normal practice is to create bundles from a git clone, so to
do the reverse is arse-about-face and triggers a disgust response,
which one has to continually suppress; doable, but an extra hurdle,

d.  doing it arse-about-face also confuses new developers, and makes
the project as a whole look rather unusual to experienced developers,

e.  we should strive for code quality and maintenance in the project
as a whole, and adding non-working code without any maintenance goes
against that.

What we need is activity maintainers.  What is stopping you from
joining in to do that?  Can the rest of us help you over those

James Cameron

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