[Sugar-devel] sugar-meeting notes today

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Jun 28 19:05:03 EDT 2017

On the team's question of making the image stable.

(Probably they mean fixing problems, although for me "stable" is a
software engineering term meaning "unchanging; no longer fixing the

It will be up to the team to decide the method for fixing problems;
the choices are either;

1.  applying fixes to the image builder itself; but these fixes will
be lost as soon as packages are upgraded in the field, which makes the
image only useful as an example, not as an ongoing system,

2.  applying fixes to activity files during image build; but these
fixes will be lost as soon as packages are upgraded in the field,

3.  applying fixes to packages before image build; but not all desired
activities are packaged, and maintaining separate packages to Debian
is not going to be sustainable,

4.  applying fixes to packages in the Debian archive; but this
requires your engagement with the Debian project,

5.  applying fixes to activities in Sugar Labs GitHub; but this
requires waiting for the activity to be released, and then the Debian
package to be released.

My recommendations to the team are;

a.  do not use SoaS as the basis for activities to be preinstalled,
since SoaS activities are determined by whether they are packaged for
Fedora, but rather use Debian packaged activities only,

b.  preinstall the old version of Physics from the Debian archive, and
work through the Debian project to get that updated, and meanwhile
don't support the latest version of Physics as a download,

c.  do not start into maintaining separate packages to Debian, as the
skills just aren't there in the team and it will take weeks to gain
those skills.


James Cameron

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