[Sugar-devel] sugar-meeting notes today

Frederick Grose fgrose at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 18:24:40 EDT 2017

On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 12:25 PM, Thomas Gilliard <satellitgo at gmail.com>

> <Rishabh42> Hrishi, lets talk here
> <Hrishi> yes Rishabh42
> <Rishabh42> Hrishi, so how do you suggest I fix that problem? I was told
> that this project is getting a lot of interest, so people do fix things
> even if I don't ask for their help
> <Hrishi> Rishabh42 : what problem. Yes, but don't stop someone fixing
> something if they can.
> <Hrishi> It will help us concentrate on something else
> <Rishabh42> Hrishi, exactly, that's what Quozl had also said
> <Rishabh42> Hrishi, so what is that something else that I should work on,
> to avoid clashing with other developers
> <Hrishi> Rishabh42 : In that case, we need to change your proposal
> <Hrishi> The issues are too easy to solve currently.
> <Rishabh42> Hrishi, so I should fix some right away, and also work on
> 'something else'
> <Hrishi> Yeah, Rishabh42, that'd be great.
> <Hrishi> Rishabh42 : first concentrate on making the image stable
> <Rishabh42> alright, and how can that be done?
> <Rishabh42> it is pretty stable IMO, though we need to fix the login issue
> <Hrishi> Rishabh42 : we haven't tested it yet, so we shouldnt call it
> stable. There are a few issues
> <Rishabh42> Hrishi, okay, I'll test it and write a report, what all things
> should I test?
> <Hrishi> Activites is on of the main things.
> <Rishabh42> Hrishi, I've also downloaded SoAS, will test that too to know
> which activities are required to be added
> <Hrishi> Great
> <Rishabh42> Hrishi, I had tested the activities and had also addressed the
> issues in my mail to devel which had the link to my image
> <Rishabh42> that's why I believe that it is stable ;-)
> <Hrishi> Not all activities though. The Write bug was probably a known bug
> <Rishabh42> yeah, there weren't any new issues with the activities, all
> had previously been addressed
> <Rishabh42> rather, Browse was fixed
> <Hrishi> Hmm
> <Rishabh42> brb, 15 mins
> <satellit> physics fails to start
> * llaske has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 54.0/20170608105825])
> <satellit> see log activities
> <Rishabh42> Hrishi, I'm back
> <Rishabh42> satellit, thanks, I had seen that, was getting a different
> error than you as far as I remember, will test again though
> <Hrishi> satellit: it's reported. Workaround is to use dsfg branch
> <Hrishi> satellit: or are you reporting something else?
> * tarunsinghal92 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
> <satellit> no
> <satellit> found that if I dowloaded a .xo file had to use
> sugar-install-bundle ....(filename)
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> #sugar-meeting
> <satellit> from default download location

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