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Iain Brown Douglas iain at browndouglas.plus.com
Thu Dec 31 07:33:24 EST 2015

Hi Sam,

This is a fine proposal and I cannot fault your 15 points.
One comment, some are essential, "first ten minutes of use issues" and
some might be seen as essential to getting productive.

Of course onboarding runs at many levels, and may be significantly
different for different user groups.

Elsewhere on this thread you asked for feedback on two items:

1.  adding references to the F6 and other Function keys. I say yes, as I
try to introduce Function keys early - it is more easy to teach small
children key presses than mouse movements.

2. I think a hint to Help Activity would be good.

Without wanting to detract from your proposal, it is interesting that
https://www.useronboard.com/ itself uses a slideshow technology.

In general I like this, as it allows the user to speed read the material
and salient points are more easily revisited in a slideshow than a
youtube or screencast type presentation.

My own New to Sugar concept lives here:

I would very much like to hear detailed critical response to my work.

This might give us both some insight into avenues that might be most
appreciated by users.

Kudos to all involved in champion work on www.sugarlabs.org btw.

All the best in 2016,


On Sun, 2015-12-27 at 17:20 +1100, Sam P. wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sugar has a novel user interface, with lots of beautiful and logical
> things.  However, there are some important elements (such as the frame
> or journal) that are not familiar or intuitive to new users.  This is
> an issue, as sugar currently relys upon exploration as our only user
> onboarding strategy.
> The un-intuitiveness of our ui comes up every now and again.  I
> previously conducted a small and probably skewed survey, however the
> lack of user onboarding and the effects of that (how users did not
> understand the interface) were apparent.  It's also written about in
> Jeff Atwood's (old) article "the Sugar UI", where he says, "I have to
> admit that I didn't find the Sugar UI particularly intuitive or
> discoverable, even after using it for 10 minutes and learning the
> basics."
> Please have a look at my design proposal to add help for new users
> [1].  No implementation has been done (as you would expect due to the
> time in the release cycle), and comments would be appreciated to
> create a great design before even thinking of implementing.
> Thanks,
> Sam
> [1] http://www.sam.today/blog/sugar-onboard-design.html
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