[Sugar-devel] Current status of collaboration work

Martin Abente martin.abente.lahaye at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 12:37:20 EST 2015


   - Using GSettings is definitely a decent workaround instead of going for
   detection, I checked your PR and I will send some comments, but we will
   have to push it for as a feature freeze exception / Bug Fix.
   - I don't agree we should add it to the toolkit yet, still too early to
   set API on stones, but lets make a good use of that Wrapper of yours.
   Thanks for making it available.
   - Collaboration should be transparent for Activities, and since Tubes is
   no longer available in at least one scenario (jabber), we can't really
   depending on it anymore.


   - As Sam explained, this is not something _we_ control. Telepathy
   dropped Tubes years ago. There is no way to "workaround" the fact that
   Tubes in gone and we gotta move to something else, but for now we will also
   keep Tubes for those who can still use it and at least be able to do the


   - Thanks for the feedback, you are right, collaboration is hard to test,
   so we can't rush here.

*@James C.:*

   - Telepathy developers knew Sugar was using still it, I even heard they
   warned us in a GUADEC conference years ago, I also heard they apologized in
   - I am against introducing one deprecated piece of Telepathy code into
   Sugar code, simply because we can barely catch up with our own code base
   and it would be even worse if we adopt that code.
   - Aside from that, Walter and Sam tests show that there are many cases
   where we can simply migrate other channels. It will take longer, but is the
   right investment IMHO.
   - The Tubes issue is just as critical as any other "we can't catch up
   with upstream" issue but, this time, we are *trying* not to ignore it.
   - Any comments regarding the use of a GSettings entry to re-enable Tubes
   support (and leave it disabled by default)?
   - Funny picture.


   - I agree, lets move forward.


   - I hope so too.


On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 11:05 PM, James Simmons <nicestep at gmail.com> wrote:

> Tony,
> I have been lurking on these mailing lists for the past few years but
> haven't made any contribution to Sugar in that time. You may recall that I
> wrote a couple of FLOSS manuals for OLPC, and strangely enough that led me
> away from the project, because it convinced me I had a future as an author.
> I've written and published a few books since then, none of which have found
> as big an audience as the two FLOSS manuals did.
> After reading your recent emails, I see that one of my FLOSS manuals is on
> its way to being out of date, and my Sugar Activities are getting there
> too. I'd like to fix that. I don't know how much time I'll have to devote
> to this, but I want to do it.
> I'd like to know more about this Tubes wrapper to start with. Is there
> anything I can read to start learning about it?
> James Simmons
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