[Sugar-devel] Current status of collaboration work

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Dec 28 16:05:09 EST 2015

On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 02:37:20PM -0300, Martin Abente wrote:
> @Sam:
>   • Using GSettings is definitely a decent workaround instead of going for
>     detection, I checked your PR and I will send some comments, but we will
>     have to push it for as a feature freeze exception / Bug Fix.
>   • I don't agree we should add it to the toolkit yet, still too early to set
>     API on stones, but lets make a good use of that Wrapper of yours. Thanks
>     for making it available.
>   • Collaboration should be transparent for Activities, and since Tubes is no
>     longer available in at least one scenario (jabber), we can't really
>     depending on it anymore.
> @Tony:
>   • As Sam explained, this is not something _we_ control. Telepathy dropped
>     Tubes years ago. There is no way to "workaround" the fact that Tubes in
>     gone and we gotta move to something else, but for now we will also keep
>     Tubes for those who can still use it and at least be able to do the
>     transition.
> @Gonzalo:
>   • Thanks for the feedback, you are right, collaboration is hard to test, so
>     we can't rush here.
> @James C.:
>   • Telepathy developers knew Sugar was using still it, I even heard they
>     warned us in a GUADEC conference years ago, I also heard they apologized in
>     advanced.
>   • I am against introducing one deprecated piece of Telepathy code into Sugar
>     code, simply because we can barely catch up with our own code base and it
>     would be even worse if we adopt that code.
>   • Aside from that, Walter and Sam tests show that there are many cases where
>     we can simply migrate other channels. It will take longer, but is the right
>     investment IMHO.
>   • The Tubes issue is just as critical as any other "we can't catch up with
>     upstream" issue but, this time, we are trying not to ignore it.
>   • Any comments regarding the use of a GSettings entry to re-enable Tubes
>     support (and leave it disabled by default)?
>   • Funny picture.

No worries, thanks for taking the decisions.

> @Walter:
>   • I agree, lets move forward.
> @Jonas:
>   • I hope so too.
> Martin.

James Cameron

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