[Sugar-devel] Fwd: Proposal on how to speed up patch reviews

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 09:51:01 EDT 2013

On 26 March 2013 21:55, Manuel Quiñones <manuq at laptop.org> wrote:
> Right Daniel, could be.  At some point of the gtk3 port and touch
> feature development it became a waste of efforts to bother the list
> with our patches.  It was like a theatre play, Simon or me sending a
> patch, the other ack-ing or nack-ing, no other actor intervening.  And
> we wanted to speed up that transition.
> But yes I'd favor going back to post the patches on the mailing list.
> Or maybe better, discuss the tickets in the mailing list without
> posting the patches here.  Could be any of both, as the sender
> prefers.  I personally prefer to have my patches in the tracker.

Why do you prefer to have them in the tracker? And how would you feel
about a pull request based workflow?

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