[Sugar-devel] Bug update on ticket no 2080 (Pulsing icon delayed by 5 seconds)

Anurag Chowdhury anurag at seeta.in
Mon Oct 11 14:39:41 EDT 2010


Wish to share on the observations that I gathered on the basis of my
discussion with Bernie last evening. It seems that the delay that occurs
before the start of the pulsing icon is due to the zoom animation failing to
render .

We arrived at the idea of using a technique commonly applied in video games
i.e. "Frame Dropping", where we drop frames in order to maintain the frame
rate. Using this idea, I have prepared a patch for SL 2080, and have tried
it on my XO-1.5, where it seems to work better. I have tried to skip the
animation to the last frame if the fps drops below the defaults fps of 20 ,
for a smooth animation to occur.

Wish if the patch could be reviewed on an XO-1. If I am making mistakes or
missing on any key aspect, please share feedback bluntly.

Appreciate your support. Thank you.


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