[Sugar-devel] Testing Summary - 14 Nov 09

Tim McNamara paperless at timmcnamara.co.nz
Sat Nov 21 20:01:02 EST 2009

Sorry this is late everyone. We mainly focused on the deducto/colour deducto
activities as requested. Food Force II was attempted, but the game was
highly unstable and we couldn't test any in-game functionality.

Time: 11am - 1:30pm, 14 November 2009
Location: Southern Cross, Able Smith St, Wellington
Attendees: Not recorded (sorry!) - about 6

First impressions, too hard. Perhaps provide a 'hint' feature.

Language: 'true board' vs 'false board' seems to presuppose a knowledge of
formal logic. Likewise, the term "efficiency", while technically correct,
seemed to be a little cold. Perhaps substitute would be 'good' 'great'
'learning', etc etc.

We had some problems with the behaviour once the learner had beaten level

Whenever a while square is hovered over, it darkens. This makes it look like
the squares can be pressed. But they don't actually do anything once they
are pressed (even though they change colour and appear to be pressed).

Yes/No buttons are very far apart.

'How to Play' - reads like an 'About' section. Quite focused on the
teacher/parent, rather than the learner.

*Food Force II*
At http://activities.sugarlabs.org, there are two activities: "Food Force 2"
and "Food Force II". Recommendation: eliminate the unnecessary one.

General issues with stability. The game would crash would without warning,
and often fail to start. XO-1 rarely reaches the menu, XO-1.5 usually gets

We found the main menu lacks sufficient contrast.

Tim McNamara
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