[Sugar-devel] Strawberry vs. Blueberry

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Thu Dec 17 17:27:13 EST 2009

Has anyone else noticed how much slower Blueberry is than Strawberry? (FWIW, 
I found soas03-06 iso's comparable to Blueberry; no surprise here.)

Using the same computer with similarly configured sticks and the same 
activity, here are rough comparisons:

System boot: Strawberry - 32"; Blueberry - 66"
Activity open: Strawberry - 1"; Blueberry - 1.5"
CBButton click: Strawberry response - immediate; Blueberry - anywhere from 
1.5 to 12 seconds
Close activity: Strawberry - immediate; Blueberry - 2"
Shut down system: Strawberry - 15"; Blueberry - 28"

This performance is seen with a number of different USB sticks. Of course, 
the absolute numbers of seconds depend on the computer, though the 
*relative* times seen pretty consistent.

If this is typical, I'm wondering if there is any way to improve Blueberry's 

Art Hunkins 

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