[sugar] alt-tabbing to the Journal

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Tue Oct 7 12:56:47 EDT 2008

> It's important to me that the Journal be one click (yes, click; not
> just keystroke) away when the child boots the laptop. The current
> activity gets positioned here under the XO, so in the current paradigm
> this happens implicitly.  I suppose you could argue that the Journal
> still gets shown here if no activities are open at all, but then we're
> special casing it a bit.  There may be other ideas for exposing the
> Journal in Home as well, but nothing brought up so far as really dealt
> with this dilemma.

Let me suggest that the situation where there are no Activities 
"open" does deserve a 'special case'.

If there are Activities "open", I would like to use alt-tab to 
switch among the places where I can interact, without passing 
through Journal.  And I do want to "one click in Home" (or use F4) 
to bring up the  most recent  "open" Activity I had visited.

But I do not want that "one click in Home" (or F4) to take me to 
Journal, when there is still any Activity "open".  [The alternative 
is to select from Frame (or use select or alt-tab in Journal) to go 
to the Activity I want - which requires me to multi-step.]

However, when there are no "open" Activities - why "waste" the 
location under the XO in Home View circle.  In this 'special case', 
do show the icon for Journal there.  [Maybe the Journal icon can be 
shown within a border, to distinguish it from an Activity icon.]


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