[sugar] alt-tabbing to the Journal

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Tue Oct 7 09:35:51 EDT 2008

> I use Sugar as much on a non-XO as I do on an XO and so I often don't
> have a dedicated key to access the Journal. I would need to resort to
> opening the Frame and then clicking on the Journal icon--too many
> steps. Speaking personally, having come from the wonderful world of
> Emacs, I tend to be more comfortable with key sequences than using
> dedicated keys. Of course, in both cases, we are not talking about a
> novice user. But my rule of thumb is that the Journal should be easier
> to access, not harder. Removing it from the Alt-Tab sequence makes it
> that much harder to find.

I'm in the "treat Journal as a View, not as an Activity" camp.
[In an Activity, I interact with something;  in Journal, as in Frame 
or in the other Views, I select something.]

Walter - If you look at keyhandler.py, you will see alt-shift-o 
being dedicated to invoke the Journal.

For myself, I use an external keyboard at home -- which provides 
neither a dedicated Frame key nor a dedicated Journal key.  So, in 
my customization upon build install, I go into keyhandler.py and 
define 'F5' as Frame and 'F8' as Journal.  Voila - single-key-access 
!!   [In the current implementation, Sugar uses neither F5 nor F8.]


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