[sugar] alt-tabbing to the Journal

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Tue Oct 7 14:05:12 EDT 2008

> Also:
> 4. The zoom level metaphor is specifically meant to convey the idea of
> physical spaces.
> In the top 3, we're looking out at a plane with people spread across
> it.  In the bottom one (activity), we're zoomed in "onto our desk", so
> to speak, with a single activity taking over the entire screen. The
> Journal, as a fullscreen UI akin to an activity, felt more at home in
> this space. Making the Journal a "zoom level" doesn't really make
> sense in the metaphor.  You might still argue it's a "different kind
> of space", but it doesn't seem to be a point (or "level") on the axis
> already defined.

The "top 3 views" are spaces populated with buddies and resources. 
The Activity View is a "place" where user-machine interaction can 
occur.  To me, Journal View is a "place" where access to information 
can be invoked. [Very many "place" menus in traditional cyberspace 
include the 'Home Folder' - a similar container of information.]

I'm not sure when a "zoom level metaphor" does/does_not make sense, 
but to me a 'datastore' certainly is a "place" that can be visited 
(i.e., zoomed into) - and if the visitor has X-ray eyes to see the 
individual bit settings, it is "physical" as well.

What I think is that the user "works with" an Activity screen, but 
only "selects" from a Journal screen (which is what he mainly does 
with the other Views).  To me, it is the Activity "space" that seems 
furthest away from the axis defined for the other Views - my belief 
is that the Journal "space" should explicitly belong on that axis, 
and not be partnered with the Activity "space".


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