[Sugar-devel] [IAEP] Sugar on Classmate 2

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu
Thu Nov 27 18:30:16 EST 2008

On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 10:11 PM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at sugarlabs.org> wrote:
> Werner Westermann wrote:
>> Regards to all.
>> I love to see Sugar run on a Classmate 2.  As I understand from Walter, Sugar on USB is
>> in beta stage, but definitely in progress.  Any reference or guide will be much
>> appreciated.  Thanks for your time,
> Aaron Kaplan and Christoph Derndorfer are those with most experience
> running Sugar on the Classmate.  Aaron is also in contact with Intel
> regarding the port, and might provide additional details.
> These days things have got quite straightforward: the first step is
> installing a distro that already ships the Sugar packages.  Any Linux
> distribution should install easily on the Classmate because the
> hardware is quite standard.  I have only seen Ubuntu running on it though.
> Then, just install the Sugar packages.  At this time, I believe Fedora
> 10 has the most up to date core Sugar packages (0.82.9).  It also lets
> you choose Sugar as a desktop option alongside Gnome and KDE.
> Ubuntu provides a slightly outdated version of Sugar (0.82.0), but
> seems to come with more pre-packaged activities.  Debian unstable also
> carries Sugar packages, and a few OLPC developers are actively
> involved with it.
> There *will* be bugs. Last time I checked, the activity donut was
> positioned incorrectly with respect to the kid icon, and some
> activities were also unable to adapt to the different screen aspect
> ratio... Network Manager might also be broken.
> The core Sugar developers do not have a Classmate to test with, but
> 99% of the bugs you might encounter will be unrelated to the hardware.
>  Feel free to dispatch them in the distro bug tracker or at
> http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ .  Or even better, send patches ;-)

On a related note, I got my hands on an eeepc and plan to make sure
that at least the sugar shell and the most used activities scale well
on all these resolutions. So that should also help the Classmate.



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