[Sugar-devel] Ubuntu intrepid: latest sugar packages available in PPA

Morgan Collett morgan.collett
Fri Nov 28 09:45:09 EST 2008

I've updated the Sugar Team PPA (Personal Package Archive) with the
latest stable versions of glucose components for intrepid:

This may fix a few issues as intrepid didn't get the latest stable
versions, which contain basically bugfixes since the versions we do

This means that best results are probably obtained on intrepid with
the above PPA enabled - but please note that PPAs are not officially
supported, so bug reports about the PPA packages will receive a lower
priority than the official packages.

Nevertheless do report all issues in launchpad, and please state
clearly the distro release (hardy/intrepid) and the package version
when you log a bug report - you can see the versions in Synaptic
Package Manager.

I have several patches to apply for Network Manager 0.7 compatibility
- I'll work on that tomorrow in the PPA and then prepare stable
release updates for the official packages.


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