[Sugar-devel] Jabber Questions.

Morgan Collett morgan.collett
Mon Nov 24 07:40:59 EST 2008

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 18:53,  <simon at mungewell.org> wrote:
> Wow, thanks for the very concise reply, any objection if some of this gets
> pasted into the wiki?

Go right ahead :) However, the hack with putting the XML stanzas into
your IM client is no longer necessary as of Sugar 0.83.x as non-Sugar
clients will now show up on the Neighborhood view itself without that.

>>> [Note: this only allows a single IP (not port), does this prevent
>>> multiple users behind the same router or on same machine?]
>> That ip4-address is part of the "buddy properties" but isn't needed
>> for collaboration over the XMPP server. It's actually used for link
>> local collaboration, where it does need to be your real (not NATed) IP
>> address. So it's not relevant in the server case but is needed to
>> populate the appropriate record in Sugar.
> Which real IP? I'm behind 5 layers of NAT.... only kidding to make a
> point. This is a very real problem in the world of VoIP, hence the ICE
> protocol.

There are two collaboration "modes": jabber server, and serverless. On
a jabber server, the IP address is required to be in the XML but it
isn't used. Serverless presence/collaboration only works on a local
network segment - so your true IP address, not the NATed one, is used
to others can address you directly.

> I assume that you mean the mesh IP for the real XO's machines,
> unfortunatly that doesn't apply for PC running the Sugar interface. For
> the wiki it's probable best to suggest '' and not have direct
> XO<->PC connections.

If you're connected via the jabber server, then that IP address isn't
used by the software stack, but AFAIK it must be present.

> However this may mean that it is not possible for PC's to have multiple
> instances of Sugar running at the same time (multi-seat or LTSP type
> installations) as these will all be sitting on the same IP address, and
> therefore will not be able to bind a single port.

If they're on a jabber server then it won't matter. The IP address
isn't used. Multiple instances of sugar-emulator do work, if you set
SUGAR_PROFILE in the environment to something other than default (so
you get ~/.sugar/default/, ~/.sugar/<something_else>/...)


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