[Sugar-devel] Jabber Questions.

simon at mungewell.org simon
Fri Nov 21 11:53:04 EST 2008

Wow, thanks for the very concise reply, any objection if some of this gets
pasted into the wiki?

>> [Note: this only allows a single IP (not port), does this prevent
>> multiple users behind the same router or on same machine?]
> That ip4-address is part of the "buddy properties" but isn't needed
> for collaboration over the XMPP server. It's actually used for link
> local collaboration, where it does need to be your real (not NATed) IP
> address. So it's not relevant in the server case but is needed to
> populate the appropriate record in Sugar.

Which real IP? I'm behind 5 layers of NAT.... only kidding to make a
point. This is a very real problem in the world of VoIP, hence the ICE

I assume that you mean the mesh IP for the real XO's machines,
unfortunatly that doesn't apply for PC running the Sugar interface. For
the wiki it's probable best to suggest '' and not have direct
XO<->PC connections.

However this may mean that it is not possible for PC's to have multiple
instances of Sugar running at the same time (multi-seat or LTSP type
installations) as these will all be sitting on the same IP address, and
therefore will not be able to bind a single port.


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