[Sugar-devel] Sugar Camp - Friday Nov 21

David Farning dfarning
Thu Nov 20 23:55:22 EST 2008

As you can see, the schedule for sugarcamp has been updated.

The primary emotion that I felt when waking this morning was
disappointment.  It seems unfortunate SL and OLPC were able to
assemble such a collection of smart, passionate, and committed
individuals who were unable to accomplish anywhere near their
potential as a group.

As such, we will run sugarcamp differently tomorrow.  The day will be
more tightly focused.

If you are not willing to remain focused on the topics as listed in
the schedule, I am willing to find a room more appropriate for the
conversation that you are interested in having.

The day will be run as a sugar labs mertiocarcy. Those who have
contributed the most to sugar labs will have the floor.


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