[Sugar-devel] Some possible git patches for Labyrinth-4

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Sun Dec 21 13:14:55 EST 2008

On 20 Dec 2008, at 19:11, Simon Schampijer wrote:

> Gary C Martin wrote:
>> Hi Tomeu (and other Sugar devs),
>> Here's some patches for the Labyrinth-4  work created with:
>>    git-format-patch 0d2bf1756d5f05b86a4f35ba8cbdb401b5cdb724
>> That covers all the commits I've re-made here to a clone of your  
>> Labyrinth-4 git rep:
>>    http://gitorious.org/projects/labyrinth-sugar
>> I'm still rough with git, workflow, et al, so shout if I could be  
>> making this easier for folks to work with. All of these patches so  
>> far (except the SVG icon) are to the upstream labyrinth source code  
>> to make it work a little better (and prettier) on Sugar. Is there  
>> some sort of magical OSS dance to waft some of these upstream, or  
>> is this effort considered a fork?
>> Patches were to:
>> - Removed the fill on the bounding box so you can see what you're  
>> selecting...
>> - Use users XO colours for the primary thought.
>> - Make default thought colour white so that gtk selection state is  
>> visible.
>> - Made thought boxes more rounded.
>> - Enabled curves by default.
>> - Allowed delete key event to work on links.
>> - Added sugar friendly SVG activity icon.
>> Eye candy:
>> Perhaps I should just post patches to the sugar-dev list, it may  
>> nudge others into action and stop me from bothering Tomeu too  
>> much ;-) I guess I'd need to be able to push (accepted) patches to  
>> Tomeu's git rep, if that's the right procedure to aim for.
>> Regards,
>> --Gary
> Hi Gary,
> from a quick reading this sounds like you put a lot of work into  
> this already. I am sure Tomeu would give you access to the  
> repository. If you want your code to be reviewed you can either  
> create tickets for each patch and follow the guidelines http://sugarlabs.org/go/DevelopmentTeam/CodeReview

Thanks Simon, trying to work out what will be most productive for Sugar.

> But it sounds to me like you are just in a productive phase and are  
> happy hacking on it and then I would call this review process  
> overkill. I am sure Tomeu would not mind having you listed as an  
> equitable submitter.

I'll carry on hacking just now, but I have also pinged upstream dev  
list so we'll see... Think progress will be much quicker if I just go  
dark for a bit and forked with no caution for other platforms/goals  
upstream labyrinth might or might not have/need – I'll be cautious  
with my changes for a bit, at least until I run out of minor or  
downstream todos.


> Tomeu, what do you think?
>   Simon

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