[sugar] multimedai content for olpc's sugar environment

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico
Wed Sep 12 11:50:52 EDT 2007

> When you say audio framework, I assume, given that you are from the
> Music Dept. that you mean framework for music? Or are you thinking of
> audio in general, including voice I/O?

In the context of my original email I referred to the framework as something
my colleagues/peers have been working on, meaning the actual
driver/infrastructure part. What I was proposing to offer was the actual
sound events which accompany the UI/desktop experience (i.e. "you got
mail"). That being said, my students and I are in position to provide both
the support for lower level infrastructure as well as artistic component
(i.e. sound effects). However, my primary interest at this point is in the
latter. Hope this clarifies my perhaps somewhat confusing previous email.

> (3) a sample library (Richard Boulanger from Berklee is leading this
> effort);

Is this for sound effects or a sample library for some specific audio

Best wishes,

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