[sugar] multimedai content for olpc's sugar environment

Walter Bender walter.bender
Wed Sep 12 03:39:45 EDT 2007

When you say audio framework, I assume, given that you are from the
Music Dept. that you mean framework for music? Or are you thinking of
audio in general, including voice I/O?

In any case, our music framework is based upon CSound5. We have
several slowly converging efforts in that area:

(1) TamTam, a suite of tools that range from "jamming" to composition
to synthesis (Jean Pich? from University of Montreal is leading this
(2) a network-enabled CSound server that can be used to coordinate
musical activities across multiple activities and laptops (this was
built by an intern this summer and would be a great place for someone
as yourselves to jump into the project);
(3) a sample library (Richard Boulanger from Berklee is leading this effort);
(4) a new version of CSound targeting smaller-footprint devices (Barry
Vercoe from MIT is leading this effort);
(5) misc. sample programs for using and programming audio on the laptop.

In addition, there are a variety of efforts to utilize audio in
interesting ways, for example, there is a Measure activity that
essentially turns the laptop into an oscilloscope (note that the
microphone input can be used in both AC and DC modes). We have a
simple audio notetaking activity and ongoing work on VOIP.

We are lagging somewhat behind on integrating audio into the UI
itself. This is another area we could use help.



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