[sugar] Sugar API pydoc string (Re: OLPC News 2007-10-20)

Pascal Scheffers pascal
Sun Oct 21 10:13:32 EDT 2007


On 20-okt-2007, at 20:49, Walter Bender wrote:
> 26. How-tos/documentation: A few groups have independently developed
> their own "how-tos" about using Sugar and the XOs. Christoph Derndofer
> and Eduardo Silva each took a stab at how-tos for using activities and
> Todd Kelsey and Val Scarlatta worked on updating the 542 Demo Notes
> with more detailed information from the wiki and updates for recent

I'm also doing some documentation.

I've written some python doc strings for the python sugar base class  
sugar.activity.Activity. Tomeu told me to 'use the source' and it  
seems like a good idea to keep at least the API docs tightly bound to  
the actual sources. I'll do some more of those on the other basic  
APIs I'll be needing at least for my own activities.

They are slightly verbose, not too formal, so the children can use  
them too. Especially the file and class level comments will contain  
general 'do this to get a working Activity' hints.  See https:// 
dev.laptop.org/ticket/4358 or the source once someone has committed  

> builds. John Gilmore wrote in with his own ideas for help files. There
> is a group discussion planned for next Saturday to bring these similar
> works together.

I think it would be very nice to try to tie the API docs into the How- 
tos and other docs on the wiki. This discussion is planned on IRC?  
Where, when?

- Pascal.

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