[sugar] Journal integration design for Measure Activity

Arjun Sarwal arjun
Sun Oct 21 15:11:26 EDT 2007

Eben/Tomeu/Marco ,

This is with reference to incorporation of a feature (a post TR3 feature ,
targeted at FRS) which requires some re-thinking into the design of Journal
Integration of Measure Activity and is also a good (and important)
opportunity to look into the  complete design of integration of Measure
Activity with the Journal. On IRC Tomeu suggested sending out this email to
discuss and finalize about the design.

The new feature is showing a list of logs made in the current logging
session. This would allow many logs to be associated with an Activity
session and one would be able to simultaneously display them for comparison.
A screen shot (screen shot is based on sample data and is more for  the
purpose of explaining the UI)  is here
http://dev.laptop.org/~arjs/Screenshot.jpg <http://dev.laptop.org/%7Earjs/>

This brings us to discuss about the following things -->

1) Since many logs are going to be associated with one logging session, what
is the best way to pack these log files and associate with the journal?
Should one make a .zip file of all the log files ?

2) There are other details associated with each logging session - like what
is the time interval of logging selected while the log was made etc. which I
have been writing down within each log file itself in the first few lines,
should I follow the same practice ?

3) It may also be possible that within a session of Measure, no logs be
made. However the user have selected some settings with which he/she was
making some measurements. For example DC/AC mode, gain setting and a  time
base setting etc. The user may want to resume such a session from the
journal. How should such details be handled ? Do I need to write them down
into a text file ?
The settings comprise of states of 3 toggle buttons and 2 sliders.

4) There is really no need for periodic saves in Measure. How should one
stop them ?

5) Tags and Description - How does one describe the tags and description
fields associated with each journal entry of the activity ? I currently see
them blank and would like to put in meaningful information there.

Many thanks,

Arjun Sarwal ( arjun at laptop.org )
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