[sugar] Which Non-Latin Scripts Do Free Software Fonts Not Cover?

Dave Crossland dave
Sun Oct 21 08:07:55 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I've just started the Masters degree in Typeface Design at the
University of Reading (for which Gentium was a submitted project) and
will be committing the next year to designing an original typeface
design and producing a professionally high quality OpenType font, that
will of course be free software.

I'm expected to do a non-latin complex script complement to my font,
and I'd thought I'd ask around if anyone here has any opinions about
the following:

For OLPC, which non-latin script communities would benefit most from
such a font?

For Sugar, what kinds of typefaces would be most useful? Another
"interface" sans serif like Vera/DejaVu, or something more informal
and with hand written qualities?

In general, which non-latin scripts do free software fonts do not
cover at all at the moment?

In general, which non-latin script communities are popularly adopting
free software and would benefit from more fonts?



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