[sugar] Re: Quick Fix for intro screen problem under qemu with build 282

jofate@jotaro.com jofate
Sun Mar 4 12:20:16 EST 2007

> On Sat, Mar 03, 2007 at 10:43:16PM +0100, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> Funny, I ran into the same probably yesterday. I got further though. I
> change the code above to directly take the FallbackVideo path. Then I
> ran into another problem. There are no pictures to select. This seems
> due to some problem with the open-box filter. It doesn't allow jpg or
> png, at least, so I couldn't find any substitute images that were
> loadable.
> I think we really only need a fake mickey-mouse picture in most cases.
> Can somebody add a fallback for the fallback like mickey-mouse?

I was able to proceed by manually entering a file name in the "Filename"
box that comes up when you click the Open icon:


You can also get around the problem by commenting out the three lines
involving "filt" in the _button_press_event_cb function of the
IntroFallbackVideo class in intro.py, which will allow you to browse and
choose any file.  I'm not sure why the file filter is not set correctly
for images.

-- Joe

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