[sugar] Multi-pane activities?

Walter Bender walter
Wed Dec 5 21:52:15 EST 2007

Another way to think about it would be to open the second window on
another laptop...


On Dec 5, 2007 9:45 PM, Benjamin M. Schwartz <bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
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> Dear confectioners,
> I have written an activity with a single main screen and a number of toolbars,
> selectable by tabs.  I am considering adding some new features that would
> require one or more additional main screens.
> 0. Is this a bad idea?  It sometimes seems like Sugar is designed to impede
> this, or that Sugar has a implied judgement that if your activity takes more
> than one screen, it's too much for one activity.
> 1. What is the recommended design? For example, the choice of main screen could
> easily be independent of the choice of toolbar.  This might leave the user
> choosing from among two different sets of tabs, which sounds bad to me.  On the
> other hand, tying the choice of main screen to the choice of toolbar might mean
> that the user can't do many actions without losing sight of her data.
> 2. How should I implement this?  Do I need to hook into the ActivityToolbox and
> connect my own listeners to its buttons?
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