[sugar] Multi-pane activities?

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Wed Dec 5 22:00:08 EST 2007

> I am considering adding some new features that would
> require one or more additional main screens.

In working on a "non-laptop" system with a not-large display, I find 
the ability to "page" among multiple panes to be invaluable.
[I typically set up virtual desktops for this purpose - for me that 
is simpler than moving the focus between windows all on one screen.]


I realize that OLPC is resource-limited (particularly main memory), 
but please try to keep in mind the desirability of a long-term goal 
being support of a "human interface" with multi-pane-capability.

Especially in the browser, I think being able to 'flip viewing back 
and forth' between two previously accessed panes  is preferable to 
only having 'go back' and 'go forward' buttons on a single pane.


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