[sugar] Multi-pane activities?

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar
Wed Dec 5 21:45:09 EST 2007

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Dear confectioners,

I have written an activity with a single main screen and a number of toolbars,
selectable by tabs.  I am considering adding some new features that would
require one or more additional main screens.

0. Is this a bad idea?  It sometimes seems like Sugar is designed to impede
this, or that Sugar has a implied judgement that if your activity takes more
than one screen, it's too much for one activity.

1. What is the recommended design? For example, the choice of main screen could
easily be independent of the choice of toolbar.  This might leave the user
choosing from among two different sets of tabs, which sounds bad to me.  On the
other hand, tying the choice of main screen to the choice of toolbar might mean
that the user can't do many actions without losing sight of her data.

2. How should I implement this?  Do I need to hook into the ActivityToolbox and
connect my own listeners to its buttons?

- --Ben
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