[sugar] The futur of the mesh view

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Tue Dec 4 16:32:30 EST 2007

The word "search" is being used in this discussion.  It is my 
opinion that in cyberspace, two particular functions can make search 
engines much more powerful.  If these same functions could be 
implemented in the context of mesh views, I believe they would prove 
similarly helpful to participants:

  -  "Search Within Results"

     Having obtained a mesh view, by choosing this option the kid
     would be allowed to specify filters again, with the difference
     that the filters specified now would act only upon those mesh
     members previously shown (and *not* upon the global mesh

   - "Undo Latest Search"

     Having obtained a filtered mesh view, by choosing this option
     the kid would 'revert' to the previously shown mesh view.  This
     would allow the kid to 'back out' of a "Search Within Results"
     attempt that did not provide what the kid had in mind.


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