[sugar] The futur of the mesh view

Eben Eliason eben.eliason
Tue Dec 4 17:44:36 EST 2007

>   -  "Search Within Results"
>      Having obtained a mesh view, by choosing this option the kid
>      would be allowed to specify filters again, with the difference
>      that the filters specified now would act only upon those mesh
>      members previously shown (and *not* upon the global mesh
>      membership).

This can indeed be useful.  I wonder, does our current vision with a
search field in addition to two independent filters (one for type/kind
and another for people/groups) already provide something suitable in
this regard?  In a sense, by applying the search terms with AND by
default means that "search within results" can be achieved by simply
extending the search string.  Additionally, the filters can serve to
narrow down the results, for instance by reducing a search for "games"
to a search for "games that my friends are playing" or a search for
"Bob" to "chats with people named Bob."

>    - "Undo Latest Search"
>      Having obtained a filtered mesh view, by choosing this option
>      the kid would 'revert' to the previously shown mesh view.  This
>      would allow the kid to 'back out' of a "Search Within Results"
>      attempt that did not provide what the kid had in mind.

The above design allows this to an extent, inasmuch as it allows one
to remove the last term in the search phrase (or in fact any earlier
term) to "go back."  We'll also have a "clear" button that reverts to
the unfiltered state.

- Eben

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